It seems like such a short time ago when Frank found Molly at a Home & Garden show in Corpus Christi, TX. She was in an animal rescue booth at the Show. He thought she was very "looks challenged" and that no one would want her. Besides being very intelligent with a loving personality, she came with medical problems. After lots of pills, many tests, a blood transfusion, x-rays, and an ultra-sound the problem was diagnosed as a defective spleen. It was removed and she became the loving and happy dog we grew to love.

If you spent any time with her, you couldn't help but not love Molly...always happy to see someone invited inside, always offering "kisses" and showing her enthusiasm, and doing her best to keep up with Gracie.

You wouldn't think she had it in her nature, but she was fierce when needed. One night, when Frank was away at a taping, someone attempted to break into our house by coming right through the front door with force. Molly instantly knew they weren't a friend and the normal, loving, happy animal we loved turned into quite the guard dog, barking loudly and deeply...ultimately scaring the would-be intruder away. Without her, there's no telling what could have happened that night.

Since then, Molly was spoiled rotten! Treats, car rides, and even steak ordered especially for her (she doesn't like the seasoning!) were just a few of the many things she enjoyed.

We lost Molly to cancer on August 10, 2005. Our beloved Molly fought bravely to the very end, always smiling and playing as much as she could.

Molly was our companion, protector, and friend. She will be greatly missed...and always loved.


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