We went up to Terrell, TX to find Milo, who is a Wire Hair Fox Terrier. At the time, he was the baby of the group. He's 200% energy! He has tons of personality and loves nothing better than to be petted and played with and he will reward you with unlimited kisses. He has totally captured Frank's heart.

We were very excited to bring him home...but can't say the current occupants were as excited. Gracie wasn't quite sure what to make of him, but she's being good with him. Then Milo jumped on Owen who came totally unglued!

After Gracie got the point across to Milo that she would not be nursing him, they began playing together. Gracie is cautious not to step on him or play too rough - although after watching Milo with his brothers, it's a wonder he ever made it out of Terrell!

We have a large Longaberger basket that Owen claimed - so we've put a pillow in it and a thinner pillow on top of that. Somehow Milo climbed into Owen's basket (it's 4 times taller than him) and got between the pillows. Owen comes sauntering in, climbs into his bed and out pops Milo. I think Owen lost 3 of his lives! We shouldn't think it's so funny, but it was better than any cartoon!

Itís said you should never have favorites when it comes to your children or four legged family members. I love all of our animals Ė but Milo is my heart! There is something about that little face and his whole attitude that I adore. He makes me laugh. He is also a major cuddle bug!

Itís always a challenge to cross stitch or needle felt with him in my lap, especially since I needle felt on my lap.

Wire Hair Fox Terriers have very wiry coats. They donít shed but must be groomed. They are white with black and brown markings. They have very strong jaws with well developed teeth. They have been referred to as a well built elegant dog that concentrates a lot of strength in a little space. Their eyes are exceptionally lively. They are bold, loyal, energetic, enthusiastically playful, cheerful, brave, scrappy, impulsive, lovable dynamos who are great at learning tricks. They are major explorers who can be willful and for these two reasons they truly must have obedience training.

All three of our Wires (Gracie, Milo and Lucy) have allergy problems Ė food as well as external. Milo and I seem to share a lot of allergy problems - maybe thatís another reason I connect with him so!

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