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Mason Thomas Gafford came into the world on Friday, April 25 at 8:37p CST weighing 6 lb, 5 oz and measuring 20". Mason is the first child of Summer and Matt Gafford and the first grandchild of Frank and Judy.

Mason wasn't actually due until May 23, but obviously the boy had a plan of his own! Being four weeks early, he put his mom and dad into a bit of trouble (or maybe we did it to ourselves?), as we were about as unprepared as possible.

I'm sure any set of parents will tell you that "you're never ready for the child to arrive," but I mean we really weren't ready. You know that bag you're supposed to have packed and in the car? Yeah, we hadn't packed that yet. You know all the supplies that you'd need to have a baby in the house, like diapers, wipes, etc.? Didn't have that either. You know the room you're supposed to have ready and painted and filled with baby furniture? Not so much! In the end, everything came together and our boy didn't have to sleep in a drawer or laundry basket - but it's funny for us to look back on that now!

Mason is truly a very good baby. He really only cries when he's hungry - he'll even sit through a dirty diaper! He makes a new face or a new noise every day. He's already changed so much since we brought him home. And his mother and I have loved watching every bit of it!

Any parent will tell you, "having a child will change your life - in a good way," but you can never truly appreciate that meaning until you experience it yourself.

Neither Summer nor I can remember what our lives were like before Mason was a part of the family, nor would we ever want to.


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