On December 11, 2007 a neighborhood child told us about “a really ugly dog” that needed to be rescued at an animal rescue agency, CAPs (Citizens for Animal Protection). The write-up online said she was a wire hair fox terrier, but one had to look very hard to know this was true.

Frank and I talked about the insanity of adding another dog to the pack, but we decided to make the trip to CAPS. We knew on our way to CAPs the next day that our pack was going to increase by one...and no other dog deserved it more.

After seeing her in person, it was an immediate decision that she had to be rescued. We signed the papers and on our way home called and stopped at our veterinarian’s office.

Most of her fur on her front legs had been chewed off, and all of the fur on her back was gone. She was greasy (which fox terriers never are), smelly, dirty - which goes without saying, infested with fleas and very bloated.

We think that our vet wanted to check us for brains – “another dog” – but after looking at Lucy she agreed she had to be rescued. We are now on our third round of worming for Hook Worms, Lucy has had her teeth cleaned, numerous baths, and been groomed twice. She kept “itching” so we had blood and allergy tests run. She has a thyroid problem so we have her on medication for that.

Lucy is terrified of rain showers and storms; she’s learning to play with Gracie, Milo, and Lola. We are determined that her up-coming years will be better than her first 5.

Our first picture to post of Lucy isn’t a great one, but we won’t post what she looked like when we first brought her home – it was very sad.

Lucy is a precious girl. She and Milo have the same type of walk – they don’t walk, they bounce. Maybe a springy step would be a more apt description. She is always happy and loves attention.

We are still working on all of her allergy issues and there are many. She learned quickly how to use the dog door, but with summer she prefers in the house and air conditioning to outside in the heat.

We have discovered she doesn’t like weather changes especially if it involves thunder or wind. At that point she wants in her kennel. All in all she’s a very good girl.

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