The Kerry Blue Terrier comes with many adjectives: hard headed and highly spirited, loyal, affectionate, fast, strong, intelligent, a clown, and your shadow. I find Lola to be super curious as well.

The Kerry Blue is the national dog of Ireland. They are used on working farms and as police dogs. They have wonderfully soft coats that don’t shed; hence they have to be groomed. As puppies they are jet black in color which changes to a blue gray as they age. They have very long legs. They require a lot of exercise and obedience training is a must!

Lola is two years+ old. She feels compelled to mother the other three dogs of the house, as well as the cats. She is quite a character and we love her dearly! Recently I purchased a 3 wheel bike. It is shiny red with a white wire basket behind the seat. Dogs love to run and we have a small yard. Since Terriers are packed with energy I thought a great way to let them “run” was with me on the 3 wheeler and them on a leash (one dog at a time). We go in the morning or just before dark due to the heat. Lola will run for about a mile before she starts to slow down. She’s learned to stay in line with the front tire. I just steer for the first mile with her. Milo can’t run as fast or as far as Lola, chiefly due to his allergies but he loves being out. When he begins to tire I put him in the basket and he enjoys the ride especially if there are squirrels. Gracie is actually the fastest runner of the group. She enjoys both running and riding. Lucy is not a fan of riding so we walk her instead.

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