Sadie & Owen

Sadie and Owen

Sadie & Owen

Sadie & Owen are two Manx cats that have brought great joy to our family. These two little balls of energy are a joy to watch run around the house. We've watched them grow up from kittens when they would play and play...and now that they're older, sleep and sleep...but they still do enough of both to keep us entertained!

They must be stitchers at heart, because they're always trying to help! They love the movement of the needles, they chase the ends of thread, and they are forever crawling in my lap as I stitch!

These two keep each other company, and they keep each other in trouble...but they're a joy to have around the house.

Frank claims these little ones as his own...and when he's here they take to him like they truly belong. But then again, who doesn't cling to Frank when he's in the room?!

Check back for the latest on what trouble these two are causing around the house!

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